Equipment management system project with source code

The equipment management system is a java swing project in Netbeans and here have used Mysql for the database. This java project has developed for students and beginners. So who needs a java MySQL project to complete their assignments and projects.

We provide complete source code and database file of the equipment management system in java. So Students and beginners can use this source code to learn how to develop a java swing project in Netbeans with MySQL database.

students can use the equipment management system full source code for their assignments and projects with few changes. So who needs to customize this project they can easily do it using Netbeans IDE and Mysql Database. who need to customize this java Netbeans project with your requirements you can contact us at Because we will do it for you within a few hours. This equipment management system provides a lot of features and functions to record all activities regarding the stock management process of the organization

If you are looking for a java project to manage the stock management process of the organization this is a good option. Because you can get the complete source code and set up it on your machine. If you are looking for more java project you can check here.

Functionalities of equipment management system project

This system has developed with these functions.
  • Login for admin
  • logout function
  • Main dashboard for admin
  • Employee Manage
    • Add Employee data
    • Update Employee data
    • Delete Employee data
    • View Employee data
  • Equipment Manage
    • Add equipment data
    • Update equipment data
    • Delete equipment data
    • View equipment data
  • Manage stock updating process data
    • Equipment add to the stock
    • View equipment data
    • Equipment remove from stock
    • Add equipment details
    • Delete equipment details
    • View equipment data
    • Issue equipment to employee and departments
  • Generates and print reports about
    • Stock reports
    • Employee reports
    • Equipment issued history
    • Stock level
    • Equipment re-order process
  • Generate database backup.

Interfaces of this system

  • Login Interface
  • Home/Main interface
  • Employee mange interface
  • Suplier mange interface
  • Department mange interface
  • Equipment manage interface
  • Stock view interface
  • Department manage interface
  • Damage Equipment manage the interface
  • Admin setting interface
  • Backup generate interface
equipment  management system - java swing project
equipment  management system - java project

The technologies used in Equipment management system project

  • Java: All codes have been written using the java programming language.
  • MySql: MySql has used as a database for this project.
  • Netbeans: This project has developed inside of the Netbeans IDE.

This project is not for:

  • You cannot use this project or project source codes for commercial purposes because it provides only for educational purpose
  • You cannot re-upload this project or project source code to the internet but you can use this code for your projects.

Copyright © codeguid

You can download this project source code using the below link.

Download equipment management system

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