job candidate data analysis and selecting system in java with source code

Using this system organization can select the most suitable candidate for the selected post from all candidates. In here amoung the system analysis all candidate data with one by one job post and select and display candidates in order to the most suitable candidate.

Following had described module of this system one by one

The module of job candidates
Using this module the system admin can add candidates data into the system. In here those data were categorized into 5 categories. Those are personal data, OL examination data, AL examination data, Higher education data and experience data.

Create the job posts
Using this module can define the job posts in the system and can update or delete already created posts.

Set marks
Using this module can add values to the requirement which the employee needs to do that job post. The system will use these values to select the most suitable candidate for the job post.

Select candidate
Using this module in order to can select the most suitable candidate for the one by one job post from the system. In here when selecting the job post the system automatically selects suitable candidates in order. The system provides facilities to print this information.


Using this module can generate reports about candidate personal and educational information and the marks which the system provide for the candidate to one by one job post. Further, these all reports can print using jasper reports.

This module helps to create and update the admin profile. This profile data help to log into the system.

This module helps to take database backup at any time. using set path button user can select the place the backup file saving and can give a name for the file. then that backup file save with the date.

What are the languages, technologies and platform used to develop this stock management system?

  • Java programming language
  • Mysql database (wamp server)
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Jasper Report

How to use this 
You can download the complete project file and database using the below link.

The goals of providing this project:

  • To provide an example for students to develop their own projects.
  • helping people create their projects.
  • sharing knowledge and codes for educational purpose.

This project is not for:

  • You cannot use this project or project source codes for commercial purposes
  • You cannot re-upload this project or project source code to the internet.

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