Image Store Application in java with source code

This application developed to manage and organize images on the computer. using this application user can store images inside the MySQL database and can view images using this application.

Features of this system

  • Create album
    User can create new albums using any name. those album help to categorize images.
  • Add images
    Using this function can add images into MySQL database. Here user can set a name for the image and choose album or albums to save image. Using find image button user can search and set image on the application. When complete all data can save image in the database.
  • Show image
    This function helps to display the images on the screen. without select, any album user can view all images one by one using the next button. back button help to watch the previous image. when selected the album display only that album images. year option help to filter images regarding upload year.

What are the languages, technologies and platform used to develop this stock management system?

  • Java programming language
  • Mysql database (wamp server)
  • Netbeans IDE

How to use this 
You can download the complete project file and database using the below link.

The goals of providing this project:

  • To provide an example for students to develop their own projects.
  • helping people create their projects.
  • sharing knowledge and codes for educational purpose.

This project is not for:

  • You cannot use this project or project source codes for commercial purposes
  • You cannot re-upload this project or project source code to the internet.

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