Restaurant Management System project in Java Netbeans with source code

Restaurant Management System project in Java Netbeans with source code

This Restaurant Management System project has developed to manage restaurant daily activity. Here include many functions to manage all activity of the restaurant. This Restaurant Management System project has developed using java and MySQL.

Functions and features of this Restaurant Management System

Add Items to stock

Here include two sections. The first section uses to add items which receive from external parties. The second section uses to add internal manufacturing items.

Sales items

using this section user can manage sales record. system use Item code to identify items from stock. When sales item system updates all data regarding items. After completed sale can issue an invoice with all sales details.

Send order to the kitchen

Using this function cashier can send an order to the kitchen. Then the kitchen prepares that order for the customer.

Stock manage

Using this section can check stock and can manage the stock item. Here user can filter items using expire date.

Report Generate

Using this section can generate a report about sales, stocks and more.

The technologies used in Restaurant Management System project

  • Java: All codes have been written using the java programming language.
  • MySql: MySql has used as a database for this project.
  • Netbeans: This project has developed inside of the Netbeans IDE.
  • Jasper report

How use this
You can download the complete project file and database using the below link.

The goals of providing this project:

  • To provide an example for students to develop their own projects.
  • helping people create their projects.
  • sharing knowledge and codes for educational purpose.

This project is not for:

  • You cannot use this project or project source codes for commercial purposes
  • You cannot re-upload this project or project source code to web internet or any kind of space.

Copyright © codeguid

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